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L I N D S A Y  T I G U E 

p r o c e s s  n o t e s

Most of the time, I have a story I can tell about how a piece came to be, but with this brief little flash fiction I really don't. Lots of my writing is painstakingly slow. Sometimes it is set aside and picked back up over the course of years. This one came together rather quickly like two years ago. I was participating in a workshop and I needed to submit a flash piece and I wrote it and then kind of forgot about it. I pulled it out a couple of years later and made a few changes, but nothing substantive really. This is rare for me, but that's how it worked this time. I revised further after the careful attention of the editor and students involved in putting this publication and I am so grateful for their suggestions. I can't remember what I was thinking about the day I initially wrote most of this, though I must have been thinking about lawns. I hate yard work and the monumental effort (it feels to me) of keeping my rental house's yard looking okay. I was also probably thinking about women's invisible labor (in terms of planning and appointments and birthday gifts and managing a home, etc., etc., etc.) and the expectations of it. I was probably thinking about that because I think about it all of the time. Where the rest of it came from, I can't really say.

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